Who We Are

UPLIF is an engaged organization of gay, bi, trans, queer Men of Color (MOC) in Florida. Our mission is to be a viable, visible, and unifying group that fosters a positive support system for men from multi-cultural backgrounds. We aim to create a community where individuals can grow personally, enrich themselves with self-worth, and build strong connections without judgment.

man in gray coat wearing black sunglasses
man in gray coat wearing black sunglasses
man wearing crew-neck sweater
man wearing crew-neck sweater

Our principles


We strive to enrich the self-worth of our members by providing a supportive environment where they can explore their identities and express themselves authentically. We believe that every individual deserves to feel valued and respected.


We stand united as a community, representing the positiveness and completeness of the Same Gender Loving (SGL), Bi, trans, intersex, and questioning community. Together, we aim to break down stigmas and build a stronger, more inclusive society.


We advocate for inclusive policies in the best interest of our members, to be socially and politically aware. We make known the needs of same gender loving (SGL) men of color and support the advancement of same gender loving (SGL) men of color.

Social and Community Connections

We engage with like-minded, empowering and uplifting people and organizations. These groups help foster healthy relationships individually and collectively as a community.

Financial Stability and Prosperity

We help members receive and plan for a sense of legacy and solvency. We support awareness of individual and collective growth. This includes awareness of retirement planning legacy, wealth building, credit building, money management and other assets that benefit the individual and community.

Health and Wellness

We promote and adopt healthy lifestyles that enrich the body, soul, mind and spirit. We foster positive states of mind, self-responsibility, love, happiness, and social well-being. We nurture genuine self-worth and self-esteem and emotional wellness.

Like Skills

We balance personal behaviors and habits commonly encountered in daily life and how to maneuver societal norms and customs.


Our programmatic activities include creating chapters and branches in communities throughout Florida and beyond as requested; building partnerships with like-minded organizations and helping the creation of practices and policies that promote the interests and wellbeing of our members.

We support all forms of spirituality that uplifts and promotes discovery and empowerment.

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